Finding The Best Facial Steamer For Blackheads – Ultimate Guide

Blackheads never leave you alone, will they? If blackhead removal nose strips aren't doing it for you, then it may be high time to give facial streamers a try. 

A facial steamer produces steam that’s specifically designed to target your face, as its name suggests. Additionally, it’s an innovative way to get revitalizing facial treatments that involve steaming the skin to deeply cleanse the skin tissues, unlike traditional facials.

In the past, facial steaming requires you to visit either the spa or dermatologists. In the professional setting, a facial steamer is called facial sauna. But since there are tons of in-home facial steamers available in the market today, there’s no need for expensive facial treatments. With a quality facial steamer, you can have a natural and healthy method of achieving that radiant skin you’ve always dreamed of.

In a while, we will be introducing you to our top picks of facial steamers so make sure to stick with us.

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  • Auto shut-off function
  • Perfect for blackhead
  • Large water reservoir
  • Affordable price
  • Spa quality
  • 2000+ 5 stars positive reviews

Buying Guide - Factors To Consider

But before anything else, have you asked yourself this question: how do I choose the best device considering the plethora of options? Well, that’s what we are here for.

Take some time to think through your decision, and while you’re at it, keep in mind these two factors:


Honestly, any type of steamer will help you deal with your blackhead problems. After all, it’s one of the core functions of a facial steamer.

1. In-home Facial Steamers

Price-wise, an in-home type is obviously the best option. It is the most common type since it’s typically found in people’s homes for personal use. They are significantly cheaper but still able to get the job done. In-home facial steamers are extremely popular these days, mainly due to their amazing skin benefits.

2. Professional Facial Steamers

Of course, professional facial steamers are designed differently than in-home models, but they are also far from being user-friendly, especially for newbies and non-professionals. Professional facial steamers won’t likely be available for the general public since they are used by spas and derma clinics that provide facial treatments.

Furthermore, professional steamers are expensive, not to mention inconvenient for personal use, so it isn’t really the best option.


Aside from the type of facial steamer, it’s also incredibly important to consider the various features each brand and model offers. Such features include:

1. Volume and Capacity

The water tank’s capacity on facial steamers is one of the most important considerations you have to take into account. The takeaway here is that the bigger the water capacity, the longer your steam session will be. If you wish to have around 15 minutes, or maybe 20 at most of steaming treatment, choose those that can hold at least 90 to 100 ml of water.

2. Timer

A steamer the comes with a timer will automatically switch off once the set duration is complete. With this feature, you won’t have to worry that anything may go wrong.

3. Speed

By speed, we mean the ability of the steamer to heat the water and convert it into steam. In most cases, the bigger the device is, the longer it takes to completely heat the water. Nonetheless, many large steamers also have great heating speed.

4. Compatibility with essential oils

If you’re into essential oils, then you’d certainly appreciate facial steamers that are compatible with essential oils. For such steamers like this, they typically have a certain compartment wherein you can add some drops of your favorite oil.

Our 6 Best Facial Steamer For Blackheads

So, now that we have covered the considerations when picking the right steamer, we will now be moving on to the most awaited part of this article - the product review section. Shall we get started then?

The NanoStreamer combines a new ultrasonic vaporizer with a conventional heating element to generate nano steam charged with ionic particles. Why does this feature matter? Nano steam that’s mixed with ionic water particles is 10 times more effective when penetrating the skin. This high-quality facial steamer also includes a stainless steel blackhead and blemish extractor kit. You can use this to follow up on your steaming treatment and remove blackheads after every use.

Designed as a 3-in-1 device, this facial steamer can also be used to humidify your home. What’s more, it comes with an additional section to warm towels for a quick refreshment. As for its water capacity, it has a 200ml tank that works for 30 minutes while promising an ultra-silent operation. Aesthetics-wise, it looks pretty average, with the body in a glossy white finish and a baby blue-colored mouth.


  • Comes with a convenient dial to seamlessly switch between 3 unique modes
  • Penetrates deeper layers of the skin
  • Emits an amazing amount of steam for quite a while


  • Doesn’t turn off automatically

Final verdict: Its features are top-notch, particularly the towel warmer function. It’s an ideal size for a large facial steamer standard.

This at-home facial steamer from LONOVE is equipped with an exciting feature, and that is the Atomizing Lamp, which works to generate nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. Sporting an all-white with some hints of silver finish, the steamer has that sleek vibe that makes it look expensive. Thanks to the boosted efficacy of the nano steam, it unblocks your pores, removes dead skin cells, and improves your skin tone.

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It feels as if you’re having a professional facial spa at home, giving you a hydrated and glowing skin. What’s more, the warm mists help relieve sinuses and relax the eyes. But unlike the previous facial steamer, this one shouldn’t be added with more than 50 ml of water.

On the flip side, LONOVE’s steamer can produce steam in as short as 30 seconds. Lastly, it comes with a blackhead extractor kit and a cute headband to match.


  • Very quick to generates ionic steam
  • Has a built-in water tank to avoid overflowing
  • Can be used as a humidifier


  • Amount of steam may not be enough for some

Final verdict: It’s a great facial steamer for a small one and is ideal for quick steaming sessions.

Comes with a set of stainless steel blackhead remover pins and a headband, the Zorra Nano Steamer is a great tool for a facial spa experience at home. Both the steamer and the extractor kit are user-friendly, even for beginners.

Meanwhile, it has a large water tank that steams precisely for 30 minutes, thanks to its reliable temperature control. This in-home facial steamer helps loosen the skin tissue and open the pores for better penetration of the blackhead pins, thus, providing a smoother extraction of pores.

Moreover, this nano steamer uses both hot and cold modes to produce nano-steam and provide more moisture to dry skin. With its classy and sophisticated looks, this multi-purpose facial steamer from Coconbby can easily fit anywhere in your home.


  • Features an auto shut-off function
  • Runs on low power, and thus, is energy-saving
  • Has an elegant design due to its black, glossy finish


  • No instructions on how to use the tools and where to use them

Final verdict: It’s an eco-friendly facial steamer that looks and functions well, despite the instruction issue with the tools.

With its 10x penetration effects, this in-home facial streamer from DIOZO isn’t like any normal facial streamer. This modern facial steaming technology generates nano-ionic steam that works wonders on reducing several skin problems such as blackhead, acne, and pigmentation. Plus, this device also promotes better absorption of your skincare products.

The steamer is built with a 70ml water tank that enables 8 minutes of working time while staying silent throughout the entire operation. The mist has a warm temperature and is safe to smell, so it won’t harm your skin at all. More importantly, this face streamer is made with eco-friendly materials, is durable and BPA-free.

Like many streamers in the market, it comes with a free headband and a blackhead and blemishes extractor kit. As for its physical appearance, the steamer is shaped like a vase with a small, light gray opening.


  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Provides strong mist without emitting any sound
  • Automatically shuts off when there’s no water left.


  • Steam may not last long enough due to its smaller tank size

Final verdict: It’s perfect for anyone who wants a handy facial streamer yet produces powerful, consistent mist.

Amconsure facial steamer adds moisture to dry skin, all the while, opening the pores for better penetration, which in turn, helps reduce blackheads and acne. Its warm mist is formulated to naturally and deeply cleanse and purify your skin, improve blood circulation, and prevent signs of aging. With its nano-ionic steam, this device gives you a healthier and younger-looking complexion when used regularly.

In a hurry? No problem because this steamer only takes 30 seconds for the water to turn into full-powered steam. Its tank is capable of holding 55 ml of water, which can deliver steam for around 8 to 10 minutes. This steamer comes with a metal-encased skin kit consisting of stainless steel tools for blackhead extraction. Furthermore, it is made of BPA-free materials.


  • Lightweight and convenient for easy transport
  • Easy operation with its one-touch button
  • Easy to clean for first-timers


  • Amount of steam may not be enough for some

Final verdict: Since this facial steamer is compact, it’s the best option for anyone who’s a frequent traveler and doesn’t mind quick steaming sessions.

Probably the most distinctive features of this facial steamer are its unusual egg shape and appearance. Instead of having those conventional-looking mouths where the mist comes out, it comes with a small yet innovative nozzle. This safe and simple steamer from Microderm generates a warm nano ionic mist on your face that gives you a squeaky clean and radiant sensation.

Not only does it work on softening and hydrating your skin, but also helps purify your pores, remove debris, and clean oil buildup, giving you a clean and bright skin afterward. This high-end and chic steamer is designed to deliver vaporized ionic steam every use with its smart technology and convenient features.


  • Has an auto-shutoff safety feature
  • Its precision control is adjustable
  • Comes with one-touch sensor for simple operation


  • The steam may have a plastic smell after the first few uses

Final verdict: This steamer is very easy to use and promises intense hydration, which makes it specifically ideal for dry skin type.


1. Do face streamers get rid of blackheads?

With the way blackheads keep on coming back again and again, it wouldn’t be surprising that many people have lost hope of dealing with them. That’s where face streamers come in. A facial steamer works by prepping your skin through the heat produced by the steam.

The stream improves blood circulation to the pores, thus, causing them to widen. Once your pores are opened, it’ll be much easier to clean them. As such, your skin becomes more flexible, softening the blackhead plug, and making it easier to remove them.

2. What is the best facial streamer to buy?

After thinking it through, we have picked our winner for this review, and that is the Zorra 4-in-1 Nano Ionic Large Facial Steamer from Coconbby. For starters, its auto shut-off function is what got me hooked from the get-go. Another main reason is due to its large water tank. It's a great attribute because I won't have to worry about my steaming session getting cut short after all water has run out.

And lastly, but definitely not the least, is its physical appearance. Its black and shiny finish is very pleasant to the eyes. But the best part? I love how the mouth is in gold color, making the device look a bit lavish, but not too much to look out of place.

3. Is a facial steamer worth it?

Skincare is one of the best investments a person can make. While face streaming isn’t the most common skincare step there is, it’s actually a worthwhile beauty tool for every lady out there. Instead of spending bucks of dollars for facial treatments, it’s definitely much economical - and rewarding - to do it at home using a good quality facial steamer.

In as short as five minutes, you can remove blackheads, hydrate your skin, and maximize the efficacy of the rest of your skincare products. Needless to say, a face steamer can give you more skin health and beauty benefits than most products combined.

4. How long do you steam your face to open the pores?

We get it. Steaming frequently is very tempting.

However, holding off face steaming on most days is actually highly recommended. Once or twice a week should be enough for anyone. Do facial steaming for 5 to 10 minutes tops. Otherwise, it could dry out your skin and result in inflammation.

5. How do you steam your face to remove blackheads?

Proper preparation is a must for every steaming session. It’s also of paramount importance to follow manufacturer’s instructions to prevent burning or irritating your skin. For the best steaming results, follow these easy steps below:

  • Step 1 : Wash your face properly, ideally with a mild face wash that targets blackheads and acne.
  • Step 2: Fill the tank with as much water as instructed in the product’s manual. On average, it takes 20 to 30 seconds for the steamer to start producing mist.
  • Step 3: Steam your face. Your device should allow you to set the mist at your desired temperature. Cover your head and the device with a towel to lock in the steam.
  • Step 4: Keep that position for around 2 minutes. After this, take a quick break and check your skin’s initial reaction to the steaming. You can extend your steaming treatments for 5 to 10 minutes if your skin wasn’t irritated.
  • Step 5: To keep things simple, just rinse your face with distilled water. Gently dry it with a towel and you’re good to go.
  • Step 6: Finally, it’s time to close the pores so germs and dirt won’t easily go inside the follicles. First off, you should apply toner as the first layer. Then as a final touch, moisturize your face. Steaming sessions tend to leave the skin dry, thus, it’s crucial to always keep your face hydrated afterward.


Facials don’t always have to be costly. With in-home face steamers, it’s absolutely possible to experience the same in-spa facial results you’ve had before. Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you in choosing a suitable facial steamer for your own preferences and needs.

Skincare tools like these can truly be an amazing addition to your existing at-home skincare routine. Now, it’s shopping time. Good luck, ladies!

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