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What causes blackheads? Find out now!

One of the most common questions I get from my customers is; what causes blackheads and why do they keep coming back, no mater what I try?!

First of all you need to understand that even if you would live in a fat-free bubble, away from any outside pollutants that might contaminate your skin, they would still appear on your nose. Unfortunately!

Everyone knows blackheads appear in the pores of your skins, but did you know a pore is also known as a “hair follicle”? Pores are basically place holders for hairs to grow out of your skin. However not every pore produces a hair. As a result our skin is littered with these tiny bumps that can clog up!

Once one of these pores gets clogged up one of two things can happen. It can get clogged and be open; this is when a blackhead forms. Or it can be clogged and closed with skin; this is when a whitehead happens!

Therefore the formation of blackheads is also closely linked with the formation of acne. Any teenager will be all too familiar with both of these :)!

What causes blackheads?

Our skin produces on a continuous basis a certain amount of oil to prevent drying out of the skin. Some people however produce more oil than others, and these people will have more issues with black- and whiteheads in life. As oil and skin debris mixes, they can flow into a pore and form a black- or whitehead.

what causes blackheads

In your teenage years oil production in your skin kicks into overdrive thanks to out-of-control hormone levels. As a result a lot of teenagers can suffer from acne. Some say the reason why oil levels go into overdrive during your teenage years is because when humans used to be “hairier”, a higher oil level in the skin made their hair more shiny!

How to prevent blackheads?

However there are a few ways how you can combat outbreaks and oily skin.
A lot of different lotions exist that first of all clean the skin of any debris as well as make your skin less oily, preventing blackheads from forming.
There are also a plethora of so-called blackhead extractors; whoever has been to a cosmetician will have seen such a device. Basically the idea behind such an extractor is that it provides your hands with some extra leverage to put extra pressure on your skin to allow you to slowly squeeze a blackhead out.
I’m sure you are familiar with Dr. pimplepopper? She has a YouTube channel on which she features a showcase of her most-gross work :). See the link below to see her in action;

These are however already pretty advanced cases on this woman’s back. Usually they do not get to this stage. However a good relationship tip from me and my husband is to take a look at your significant others’ back from time to time to make sure no blackheads can start festering into cysts. It’s a fun way to spend a Saturday evening :)!

Hopefully you now have a better idea about what causes blackheads. In my next posts I will be going over some of the lotions and ointments you can use to keep those black and whiteheads at bay! See you some time next week!

PS If you want to catch up on some more in-depth blackhead knowledge please check out this Wikipedia page that describes the topic pretty well:


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