Blackheads in your ear: how to get rid of ear blackheads?

The best way to get rid of ear blackheads

What are they?

Ear blackheads, as the name suggests, are blackheads that form in ears. It’s however a very uncommon place for blackheads to appear. Even though it might not be the most obvious spot for a blackhead to come up, at least you can imagine worse places for it to be!

Removing ear blackheads is one of the harder places to remove them.
With nose blackheads at least you can see in the mirror where the blackhead is and more or less do it yourself by using a blackhead extractor tool.
You might need some assistance from your best friend or partner with taking out the blackhead in your ear. Chances are they are probably the first ones to notice them anyway!

How do I get blackheads in my ear?

Ear blackheads are formed just like any other blackhead. When dead skin cells mix with naturally occurring oil on your skin there is a danger they will seep into an open pore. As a result the pore will get clogged up and due to a mixture of sun and oxygen the top of the pore (or more exactly the sebum within the pore) will overtime start to oxidize and turn black.

ear blackheads

While the most common place for a blackhead to be is your face, blackheads are also able to form on other parts of your body. You have tiny little hairs in your ear, which means you also have hair follicles (pores). If one of these pores gets stretched, it will fill up with dead skin cells really fast. If you are unlucky it can also be filled with bacteria, causing ear blackheads.

1) Blackheads will not disappear over time

Your body does absolutely nothing to stop blackheads from forming naturally, nor does it care if your pores are blocked. The only time your body will react to a pore being clogged is if the pore grows over with a tiny skin layer. At this point the pore has turned into a pimple. If the pimple is not treated properly it might get infected.

2) Blackheads  are not dirt and scrubbing with soap will not help

Your pores are too deep for any normal soap to have any effect, nor can you scrub them off. The only type of soap that might have some effect needs to be used in combination with an exfoliation routine. Look for cleansers that contain “salicylic acid”. If you exfoliate before applying the cleanser you’ll be twice as effective in preventing ear blackheads from forming.

3) Blackheads will come back if not treated properly.

Using a blackhead extractor tool will do only part of the job. You might get the blackhead out fully, but the pore the blackhead came from will still be open wide. Applying a toner might help close the pore or at the very least get it tightened up more.

Getting rid of them!


There are a few ways to get rid of blackheads in ear and stop them from ever becoming a big problem again. This does mean you will have to start taking care of your skin.

Blackhead removal methods

Not all methods commonly used in the fight against blackheads will do the trick when your blackheads are in your ear. However others, although they might be a bit cumbersome, will do the trick.

The old favorite: Using a blackhead extractor tool

This, combined with oil cleansing, remains one of my go-to methods to get rid of ear blackheads. No matter where they form blackheads can always be extracted using a comedo-extractor tool. Most commonly however you’re not extracting blackheads but you’re getting rid of sebaceous filaments. But that is a story for another time!
Removing ear blackheads using a blackhead extractor tool is pretty straight forward.
Select the right size of loop you need for the blackhead at hand from the array of blackhead extractor tools at hand.
Then simply place the loop over the blackhead and with a swooping motion apply pressure around the dot.
The motion you are aiming for is like you’d be scooping some ice cream into a bowl.
While applying pressure to the side of the blackhead, slowly move your hand down as to push the gunk out of the pores.
Once extracted, wipe off the tool with some rubbing alcohol to make sure there is no cross-contaminatio next time around!

Oil cleansing

My favorite method is the oil cleansing method. Oils tend to easily dissolve in other oils. As a result if you apply oils on your ear, logic dictates that the naturally occurring oil on your skin will dissolve into this cleansing oil, after which your skin will be less oily, resulting in a lower chance of you getting ear blackheads.
Apply it before you wash your face and rub it in for a good minute.

Chemical cleansing

Using a cleanser you are using a mild acid to go into your skin and slowly eat away a layer of dead skin cells, leaving pristine skin behind once you wash it off.
As mentioned above you can use either salicylic acid (BHA) or glycolic acid (AHA), but you can also alternate between them every day.

Salicylic acid will go in your pores and pull everything out, while glycolic acid will help you tighten your pores and push out what’s stuck in them. Glycolic acid will also help you with a better skin texture.

To clear ear blackheads with a cleanser follow the following routine:

  • Splash lukewarm water on your face
  • Use a cleanser to wash your face gently for 30 seconds
  • Dry your face with a soft towel
  • Apply a BHA – or AHA cleanser depending on your skin type
  • Wait 20 minutes for BHA, 30 minutes for AHA before rinsing it off
  • Moisturise your face
  • Apply sunscreen (especially when using AHA)

There you go!

See a nice compilation of successful ear blackheads extractions for more info:

Blackhead extractor tool: tips and tricks!

Before you start squeezing any blackheads on your skin there are a few things you need to be aware of with a blackhead extractor tool.

Blackheads form due to a blockage of your pores by a mixture of oil on your skin and dead skin cells. Dermatologists and cosmeticians call this mixture “sebum”.
Once a pore is blocked by sebum one of two things can happen.

1. The pore can grow a small layer of skin to “grow over” the pore, effectively closing in the sebum. This is called a whitehead, or more commonly a pimple.

2. The pore does not grow over and the sebum trapped inside the pore oxidizes due to constant contact with the air and turns to a blackish color. These are, you guessed it, blackheads!

You can actually sort of tell the age of a blackhead just by how black the sebum is that comes out of the pore once squeezed. The older the blackhead, the darker the sebum that pops out.

So back to our original topic:

If you have decided you’ll try and extract blackheads you need to make sure your tools are up to scratch.
You can read here where you can get a good quality blackhead extractor tool kit to get you started.

So to get you started you need a good cleansing routine.

blackhead extractor tool routine

I emphasize on routine as for most people this seems to be the hardest thing to get started or hold on to. The trick why so many celebrities have amazing skin is because they have a team of dermatologists and cosmeticians whose job it is to ensure that the celebrity in question does their daily cleansing routine to the letter.

So there are a couple of steps in this routine;
Make sure that before you go to bed your face is clean. Wash it twice with lukewarm water to make sure any makeup residue or other impurities are fully washed from your face.
Use a cleanser while you do this. However don’t use anything harsh, the trick is to exfoliate gently and in a controlled fashion. Washing gets the impurities off, not scrubbing!

Use a gentle wash cloth to massage the cleanser into your face so you can get a deep pore cleanse out of it.
Afterwards use a clean towel to gently pat your face dry. Now that this is set you are ready for the second phase.

Soften your skin.

To make it more easy on yourself and to make the treatment that is coming more comfortable it is important to first soften up your skin. You can do this by for example wrapping a fresh towel around your face that is drenched in hot water for about 2-3 minutes. Or you can also take a hot shower after which you start your cleansing ritual immediately.

Disinfect your hands.


What use is it to treat your skin if the blackheads come back the day after anyway right? In order to make sure this doesn’t happen you can use gloves. Or then you can make sure your hands are properly disinfected. Just rub some rubbing alcohol onto your hands. Additionally paying extra attention to massage the alcohol into your fingertips is your best bet of making sure your hands are clear.

Also if you are about to treat acne with the extractor tool then it is important to also make sure your spots and the skin around the acne is disinfected as well. We don’t want any bacteria to spill over into the surrounding pores causing an outbreak as soon as you wake up the next morning.

My personal advice however is to just have a pair of disposable gloves at the ready for ease of comfort.

Now comes the good part:

Using the blackhead extractor tool:

squeezing blackheads using blackhead extractor tool

In this kit there are several different blackhead extractor tool for several different blackhead and acne types.

Use the lancet tool to carefully pierce the skin that is on top of the pore. Then afterwards turn the tool around. On the other side is a scoop like tool with a hole. Place the hole over the opened whitehead and carefully press down, while gently rocking the tool from side to side.

Important things to remember:
If you are unfamiliar with using the lancet tool or you are having difficulties piercing the skin, leave it be and go to a dermatologist or cosmetician. They are trained to do this. If you force it you might end up with a nasty acne scar that will take some more advanced treatments to get rid of.


In your kit there are several looped tools. These loops are for various different sizes of blackheads.
The larger the pore in which the blackhead sits, the bigger the loop you need to choose on your tool in order to get everything out.

If you look carefully you’ll also notice that some of the loops are placed at a slight angle. This is all to accommodate for your various facial features. For example a blackhead that sits right behind the nostrils is will be quite tricky to remove with a flat ended loop.
Pick a blackhead extractor tool with a slight angle to its loop to get into those hard to reach spots.

When trying to get a blackhead out, place the loop over the blackhead.  Then with a scooping motion as if you would scoop some ice cream, apply pressure and pull downwards. The blackhead should slowly but surely come out of the pore. Don’t be dis-encouraged if it doesn’t come out immediately. There is not necessarily need to apply more pressure. Just maintain the pressure you have and simply wait until it oozes out. If the waiting becomes unreasonably long (several seconds), then apply more pressure.

Finish with some more disinfecting.

Finishing up after using blackhead extractor tool

Finally make sure that your blackhead extractor tool and other tools are disinfected. Once your tools are disinfected your face is up next.
Apply some toner to a cotton ball and gently wipe your entire skin. Afterwards apply some moisturizer and you can rest assured that when you wake up the next morning, your skin will be pure and clean!

Want to know more? Read up here to get some more information on blackheads and acne!

Best blackhead remover kit: equinox international kit!

best blackhead remover kit

By far, the Equinox International Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit (5-Pieces) is probably the best blackhead remover kit on the market to date. It’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

You will get better quality for spending maybe $20 more, however at less than $10 today, this kit is a steal at the moment.

best blackhead remover kit

The Equinox blackhead and blemish remover kit comes with a set of 5 tools. They are to be used on a variety of skintypes and on a variety of white- and blackheads. It’s in my opinion probably the best blackhead remover kit out there.

From top to bottom:

Best blackhead remover kit tool number 1 is used for medium to large sized pores. Using them is very simple. You can read a more in depth guide here. The gist of it is to move the looped end over any blackhead that might be on your skin. Then with an almost scooping-like motion apply pressure to one side of the blackhead. After that, pulling down, it should pop out of the pore (hopefully!).
As a general rule the larger loops are meant for blackheads. The ones that look like a tiny melon-scoop with a hole in them, are meant for whiteheads. Tools 2 and 4 are also for blackhead removal.

Best blackhead remover kit tool number 3 in the picture above is just such a tool to get rid of whiteheads and pimples. It features a spike at the end meant for piercing open the skin of the whitehead. The skin gets broken in a controlled fashion and as a result when you squeeze the whitehead, it pops open nicely rather than puss flying everywhere.
Once the skin is broken then place the scoop with the hole above the now open pore. Simply press down and if everything went correctly the sebum and (possibly) puss should ease out of the pore relatively painlessly.
Best blackhead remover kit tool number 5 is also a whitehead removal tool.

Make sure that before you start using these tools you pay extra care with disinfecting these. Any impurities that got stuck on the tools during fabrication might cause you blackhead trouble or acne outbreaks in the future.
An easy way to disinfect the tools is just by boiling them in some water. Another way is to rub some rubbing alcohol onto the work surfaces.
Also make sure to thoroughly clean these after use. Any leftover sebum or even makeup remains (if you haven’t properly cleaned your makeup off or are just addicted to popping blackheads and pimples) can easily cause new breakouts.

I would recommend to use this best blackhead remover kit right after showering. Presuming that most of you take relatively warm showers, your skin will have softened enough to allow for easy blackhead extraction.
Make sure to use an exfoliator and a cleanser before squeezing. After this you are ready to go to town with your new kit.
Apply a toner after and some moisturizer to seal the deal and your skin will start to glow in no-time!

From a total reviews of 2,631 at the time of writing, this product has received 4.1/5 stars which is pretty good.
Out of experience I can say that this kit is a very good standard set, a must have in your arsenal of skincare products as the price/quality is very good.

Just make sure that you don’t press so hard in your skin that you don’t damage it. But that should be common sense :).

Best blackhead remover kit further info:

best blackhead remover kit

Hopefully with this you’ll be able to make the right choice.

Blackhead extractor tools: How to use a comedo extractor tool

Cosmeticians and dermatologists probably use blackhead extractor tools more than any other. They are more commonly known as a comedo extractor tools. They’re very easy to use and aren’t a costly purchase at all. Retailing at around $10 a pop this might be one of the cheapest investments into your beauty that you can make!

“Comedo” or “Comedone” is a sort of catch-all term for black- and whiteheads. Knowing this term might help you in your further google searches in the future! It comes from the latin verb “comedere”, meaning “to eat up”. In Roman texts “comedere” was used to describe parasitic worms. In present day the word “comedo” described the worm-like oil and skin debris mixture that comes out of a pore when you squeeze it.

blackhead extractor tools

“Got worms?!”


The main advantage that these tools have over two fingers and a piece of paper is that they allow you to apply pressure on a much more localized area of skin. As a result, rather than damaging a big area of skin, only a small patch is treated.
Secondly they allow you to reach places you might not be able to get to using just your hands.

How to use blackhead extractor tools:

First you have to ease your skin. Make sure the pores are open. To do this cosmeticians and dermatologists use a steamer to quickly treat your skin for a period of about 5 minutes. They steam up your pores and make sure the skin that is about to be treated is ready to receive the treatment.

Opening the pores allows the blackheads to be extracted easier. This makes the whole experience less painful. I was in Scandinavia a while back and going to sauna is a big part of their culture. They know however that after sauna is one of the best times to try and squeeze out those pesky blackheads. The steam of the sauna relaxes the so much they almost tend to fall out automatically!
Once your skin is ready to be squeezed, all you need to do is take one of your blackhead extractor tools and start scouting your skin for possible targets.


Now the tool used in the picture above has 2 loops; which one should you use, right? The flat loop is meant for extracting those hard-to-reach blackheads. The whiteheads on the other hand, can’t withstand the pressure the small loop provides.

However in practice I have seen the small loop being used to extract blackheads and vice versa. Ultimately what counts is that the gunk is out from your pores!

Simply place the loop over the black- or whitehead of your choice. Then once it is placed; pretend like you would scoop ice-cream out of a jar. It sounds a bit silly but there really is no better way to describe the motion that this tool requires to achieve the best result.
By pretending you scoop out ice cream you are effectively applying pressure on the far-side of the tool. This allows the debris in the pores to be pushed out from the bottom. This will leave behind a perfectly empty pore as the dead skin and oil mixture is squeezed out of the blackhead or whitehead.

Here is a video kind of demonstrating the process:

Hard to reach places:

As we see the most common place for blackheads to appear would be in the so-called “T-zone”. This is the area between your eyebrows and down to your nose.
Blackheads on the nose can be very tricky to remove. Especially if you are not using a tool to do so. Using blackhead extractor tools, nose blackheads that are just behind the nostrils will quickly become a thing of the past.

Just align the tool behind the nostrils. Then as if you’d scoop ice cream, push down on the tool and move the tool downwards as you do. Make sure to keep breathing through your mouth if you have a stuffy nose as your nostrils (at least one of them) will get completely shut as you do this.

Removing blackheads from the nose can be quite painful as there are a lot of nerves that run along this part of the face. That’s why having a steam bath or hot towel around your face can ease the skin. Proper groundwork, combined with blackhead extractor tools will make this task an enjoyable experience.


Aftercare is just as important as the work itself. So make sure that after every successful extraction, you take good care to clean and disinfect the tool before use. You wouldn’t want your hard-earned work to result in returning white- or blackheads now would you?!

After you are done, apply some skin disinfectant and some moisturizer to help soothe the skin and you will be good to go!

I hope you have found some useful info in here. If you are interested in blackhead extractor tools then please check out the link to where the product used in this article is offered on sale