How to use pore strips: overview and review

how to use pore strips

Pore strips are a good idea to add into your daily cleansing routine.
About once a week, after exfoliating, it is a good addition in your fight against blackheads. Especially for people with oily or combination skin types.

It’s not difficult to learn how to use pore strips. Pore strips are a really mechanical way of removing blackheads from your troubled, so-called “T-zone!”. Pore strips however really cling to your skin. So it’s important to remember to not use them if you currently have a breakout, burnt skin or spider veins. If you do you could do some damage to your skin in the process.

Don’t however go for the cheapest pore strips out there as most of them provide no result. It’s easy to tell after you pull the strip away and comes off clean. You don’t need to break bank though to get them. A good set will set you back around $20 a pack.

How to use pore strips:

First thing to do is during a warm shower, use a facial cleanser to cleanse your skin. Look for cleansers that have either salycilic acid or glycolic acid as an active ingredient. These tend to provide a deep pore cleanse, better than other cleansers.

After you get out of the shower, read the instructions on how to apply the pore strip at the back of he package. Pore strips come in various shapes and sizes and each has their own way of use.

Don’t bother drying yourself off too much as the pore strip will stick better to your skin if it is a little wet.

Once placed on your skin make sure there aren’t any creases or bubbles under the strip, to make sure the contact area of the strip with your skin is as big as possible.

Finally you have to remember you are not pulling off a band aid, there is no need to suffer. Beauty shouldn’t hurt!
Press down on your nose while removing the strip in order to reduce the pain.

Sometimes the skin can get irritated or even damaged after using a pore strip as the strip’s adhesive powers can be quite high. In order to reduce inflammation and irritation you can use an ice cube to gently massage your face.

After this apply toner and you’re done!

I think this one will be the best value for your money.

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