How to prevent blackheads: get your routine straight!

How to prevent blackheads
is one of the most common questions any one with oily skin asks their dermatologist. Luckily there are several preventative measures you can take to make sure those black spots do not appear anywhere near your face!
Most of these measures rely on preventing the two main ingredient of a white- or blackhead from forming: excess dry skin and excess oil.
So keeping these two things in mind, let’s run through some steps you can take.

How to prevent blackheads:

Wash you skin in a regular basis. It’s as simple as that!

how to prevent blackheads
Any excess skin debris or dead skin cells have a much lower chance of getting trapped in a pore if they are not there to begin with.
The less time dead skin cells spend on the skin, the less chance they have to fall into a pore and block it.

Therefore cleaning your skin on a regular basis (daily) is extremely important when looking for ways on how to prevent blackheads. To do this you can use a skin cleanser with a neutral pH.If you want some more powerful gear you can look for a cleanser which has salicylic acid, the working ingredient in aspirin, to give your wash an extra boost.

Homemade blackhead mask:

You can even give yourself an aspirin mask as a home-made remedy against blackheads;

All you need are 5-7 uncoated aspirin pills, distilled water or bottled water like Fiji or Evian and a tablespoon of Organic Honey.In a mug mix aspirin and water in such a way that it forms a paste, so be careful how much water you mix in there, preferably too little than too much!

I’d advise though if the mixture is too liquid and you need to add another aspirin; keep the number under 8. If you have added 8 aspirin tablets already just throw the batch away and start a new one.

The Honey helps the mask become less drying to the skin. So mix everything together and apply it to any area on your skin that is prone to breakouts.Leave it on for about 7-15 minutes and then wash it away with lukewarm water.
The lukewarm water is necessary as too hot water might strip your skin from its naturally occurring oil, which makes your skin go into oil-producing overdrive which is exactly what we want to avoid!

Here is a good salicyclic peel if you want to skip the trouble and go straight to the cure.

However too much of anything is never a good idea; avoid over-washing your skin as it may irritate and strip your skin of its naturally occurring oil. You do need skin oil to keep your skin flexible and prevent any cracks or injuries from occurring.


how to prevent blackheads
When trying to figure out how to prevent blackheads, nothing works as well as giving your skin a good rub every once in a while to make sure no buildup of dead skin cells can occur.
This is the step up from washing your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells.

The micro-beads in the scrub give your cleansing ritual an extra boost by actively striping your skin of any loose bits that might end up clogging pores, leading to white- and or blackheads.
However there is some food for thought: Be aware that a scrub only works by removing dead skin cells.

They are not powerful enough to penetrate the pores and rub away any blackheads you might already have.
Scrubs work in a preventative fashion only!Secondly you should choose a scrub with microbeads that are of a uniform shape. Too harsh scrubs can lead to irritation and further blackheads down the line.

Using a soft washcloth often does the trick without the need to purchase an exfoliator. However if you do want to buy one, I would recommend this one.

Do not try and squeeze blackheads!

At least if you are going to squeeze them, do not use your fingers to do so. Your hands are some of the dirtiest parts of your body.
Even dirtier than some…other parts… of your body!

This is because on a daily basis we touch and grab things other people have touched. And not everybody is at the same level of personal hygiene as you or I may be. Therefore the chance of spreading germs to your skin by using your hands is very high.

Picking and squeezing your skin can spread extra oil and bacteria on your skin which in itself can produce an increased risk of developing blackheads.
It may also cause further irritation. However you will need to squeeze your skin in order to get the most stubborn blackheads out.Read here what to do in that case!


Thanks for getting this far and I hope now you know how to prevent blackheads to some level! See you again tomorrow when I go into further detail on how to treat oily skin!

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