Blackhead removal mask: Tips and recommendations

how to use pore strips

Blackhead removal masks have risen in popularity recently. They come in two main forms as a liquid gel that you spread evenly on your face onto affected areas that then dries into a single mask that is then peeled off 20-30 minutes later. The second is a pre formed mask that comes rolled and is simply placed on the face with less mess. The preffered blackhead removal mask type is the gel that is can better bond to the tops of the blackheads and conforms to your pores to remove more blackheads.


Our top blackhead removal mask picks!

MEINAIER Blackhead Pore Removal Strip Mask For Face Nose Acne Treatment

MEINAIER makes the peel off aloe blackhead removal mask combines benefits of a liquid gel and the advantages that Aloe Vera. It is a simple to use remover that when applied properly can truly help to clean out pores and remove  old cell tissue, acne, excessive sebum, hence preventing pore blockage by one peel-off action


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Long shelf life
  • effective liquid gel for penetration into pores


  • Has whitening effects


Mousand Blackhead Remover Mask – Blackhead Purifying Peel Off Mask

Mousand Deep Purifying Peel-Off Mask is a carbon black full-face mask uses to remove acne on forehead, nose, chin, blackheads . mask allows deep cleansing;leaving you a fresh, clog-free skin with an ultra-soft touch. This peel-off black mask is easy to apply, with marked effect on clearing pores and impurities on skin surface. The activated carbon puts this choice a close second to the MEINAIER


How to use?

1. Apply on a dry and cleansed face (For dry skin type, recommended to apply moisturizing lotion/toner before the mask).
2. Take appropriate amount and spread evenly across the whole face or specific area of concern (avoiding eyes, lips, eyebrows area).
3. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes until the mask is completely dry.
4. You can start peel off the mask gently from the bottom slowly. Follow by your daily skincare regime. Suitable for Combination skin / oily and acne skin.

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