Best primer for large pores and blackheads

Best primer for large pores

People with acne, irregular skin or large pores have a tendency to use makeup to even out their skin, as they should.
However due to the fact their skin does not have a smooth texture, they tend to really “cake it on” as they say.
This is however not necessary if you know what to look for, especially when using the best primer for large pores, as I will explain further below.

Layering on makeup in an effort to give the illusion of a smooth and even skin only makes things worse actually as you are pushing more and more makeup into your pores. As a result you’ll find you’ll be suffering more often from blemishes, breakouts and blackheads.

Foundation just simply isn’t built to go deep into the skin.

There are however other techniques you can use to achieve the same effect, just more friendly to your skin as there is no need to even things out.

What you should do is use the correct primer; apply a thin layer of foundation, and mattify it with a mineral powder.

This creates a perfect base for people with irregular skin to then start building their makeup on, without the need to layer on foundation.

Using just the amount of foundation you need creates a more natural look to your makeup.

Basically these there are the 2 best primer for large pores:

1. Silicone based primers: Silicone based primers have a thick consistency, which prevents makeup from sinking into the pores. As a result they even out pores, acne scars and winkles. Usually in makeup likes for likes meaning that this type of primer works best with silicone-based foundations. Here is one for dry and sensitive skin.

2. Water based primers: The name would suggest it; They are lighter than the silicone based primers and again they work best with water-based foundations.

The best time to apply a primer would be after you have already moisturized your skin and of course before you start adding your foundation.

Primers can be applied using a sponge or brush. Some people say the best way would be to use your hands however I would only suggest this if you can thoroughly sanitize your hands first.

Here’s another best primer for large pores example.


There are however some pointers to take into consideration when using a primer:

1. Make sure your skin is clean.

When applying a primer you have to make sure your skin is clean underneath. In order to avoid any type of breakout later on, make sure you have exfoliated and cleansed thoroughly. If you have oily skin then make sure you use the right face-wash to avoid any build-up of sebum. Even when using the best primer for large pores, some basics just cannot be overlooked.

2. Keep oils at bay.

People with large pores tend to have oily skin at the same time, and as a result skin imperfections are even more highlighted. The shiny effect the oily skin brings just highlights wrinkles and dimples in your skin even more.

3. Moisturize.

Before applying a primer it is important to moisturize and to moisturize well. Then let it sink in for about 5 minutes. If you fail to do this and your skin hasn’t fully absorbed the moisturizer, your foundation will be patchy.

4. Likes for likes.

When done correctly a primer-foundation combination will sit well on your skin for hours. However foundation and primer seem to work best with each other if both share the same base. Even the best primer for large pores needs to be compatible with the foundation used. If you use a silicone based primer with a water based foundation, the primer will repel the foundation and you’ll struggle to get that blended effect. No matter if you use the best primer for large pores, you have to make sure the products match!

5. Don’t rub your primer.

Just gently use a brush or a sponge to make sure the primer has filled up all of your pores. For better effect try and heat the sponge or brush a little. The added heat will lead to better application.

6. Don’t overdo it.

Too much of anything is never a good thing. Using too much primer will make your makeup just slide down sooner than later.

7. Use what works best for you.

Every skin type is different. What works best for someone else might not necessarily work for you. So do your research, experiment and figure out what combinations will make your skin shine!

Hopefully you have a good idea of what to look out for and now you can select YOUR best primer for large pores on your own!

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