Best blackhead remover kit: equinox international kit!

best blackhead remover kit

By far, the Equinox International Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit (5-Pieces) is probably the best blackhead remover kit on the market to date. It’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

You will get better quality for spending maybe $20 more, however at less than $10 today, this kit is a steal at the moment.

best blackhead remover kit

The Equinox blackhead and blemish remover kit comes with a set of 5 tools. They are to be used on a variety of skintypes and on a variety of white- and blackheads. It’s in my opinion probably the best blackhead remover kit out there.

From top to bottom:

Best blackhead remover kit tool number 1 is used for medium to large sized pores. Using them is very simple. You can read a more in depth guide here. The gist of it is to move the looped end over any blackhead that might be on your skin. Then with an almost scooping-like motion apply pressure to one side of the blackhead. After that, pulling down, it should pop out of the pore (hopefully!).
As a general rule the larger loops are meant for blackheads. The ones that look like a tiny melon-scoop with a hole in them, are meant for whiteheads. Tools 2 and 4 are also for blackhead removal.

Best blackhead remover kit tool number 3 in the picture above is just such a tool to get rid of whiteheads and pimples. It features a spike at the end meant for piercing open the skin of the whitehead. The skin gets broken in a controlled fashion and as a result when you squeeze the whitehead, it pops open nicely rather than puss flying everywhere.
Once the skin is broken then place the scoop with the hole above the now open pore. Simply press down and if everything went correctly the sebum and (possibly) puss should ease out of the pore relatively painlessly.
Best blackhead remover kit tool number 5 is also a whitehead removal tool.

Make sure that before you start using these tools you pay extra care with disinfecting these. Any impurities that got stuck on the tools during fabrication might cause you blackhead trouble or acne outbreaks in the future.
An easy way to disinfect the tools is just by boiling them in some water. Another way is to rub some rubbing alcohol onto the work surfaces.
Also make sure to thoroughly clean these after use. Any leftover sebum or even makeup remains (if you haven’t properly cleaned your makeup off or are just addicted to popping blackheads and pimples) can easily cause new breakouts.

I would recommend to use this best blackhead remover kit right after showering. Presuming that most of you take relatively warm showers, your skin will have softened enough to allow for easy blackhead extraction.
Make sure to use an exfoliator and a cleanser before squeezing. After this you are ready to go to town with your new kit.
Apply a toner after and some moisturizer to seal the deal and your skin will start to glow in no-time!

From a total reviews of 2,631 at the time of writing, this product has received 4.1/5 stars which is pretty good.
Out of experience I can say that this kit is a very good standard set, a must have in your arsenal of skincare products as the price/quality is very good.

Just make sure that you don’t press so hard in your skin that you don’t damage it. But that should be common sense :).

Best blackhead remover kit further info:

best blackhead remover kit

Hopefully with this you’ll be able to make the right choice.

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