My name is Cynthia and I have been a cosmetician in LA for the past 25 years now. Almost on a daily basis I get basic questions from my customers about skin and skincare. Questions that to a trained professional seem pretty straight forward to answer. That is why I decided to start this site to offer some basic advice about how to treat the largest organ in your body: your skin!

At the same time I will be reviewing some of the most used skincare products and tools that professionals use. My ultimate goal would be to make sure that you would know (eventually) just as much as we do!

Skincare, make up and perfumes go back to almost 5000 B.C.!
Even toxic plants such as deadly nightshade were used as cosmetics. Did you know the scientific name for deadly nightshade is “Belladonna”? Belladonna, for those who speak some Italian, means “Pretty woman” as women used to put raw deadly nightshade sap into their eyes as it would dilate their pupils. Isn’t that crazy?!

I hope this site will offer you some in depth info and hopefully the reviews I plan on doing will offer you with enough information to make informed purchasing decisions!



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