7 Blackhead myths: Common myths in skincare!

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There are some incredibly funny and almost unbelievable blackhead myths out there about the causes of acne and blackheads. Most have no basis whatsoever and should better be classified as old wives tales.

Blackhead myths:

You’ll outgrow acne!

One of the biggest blackhead myths and the biggest lie all teenagers tell themselves growing up. Everybody knows that skin troubles and acne do not stop once you get out of puberty. Especially if you are prone to acne! In order to keep your skin clean a daily routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing is the only safe way to keep your skin spot free.

Makeup is the #1 cause of acne in women!

The largest cause of blackheads and acne is gender neutral. One of the most common blackhead myths is that makeup would be a main cause of acne in women. A combination of an overproduction of oil and a mixture of skin cells clogging up pores is the main cause of acne and blackheads.
Makeup can make this worse if it is not cleaned off before you go to bed or if the makeup isn’t oil-free. Other than that it is perfectly fine to wear makeup.

You can scrub your blackheads away!

Do this and I guarantee you they will be back. With a vengeance. Do not believe these blackhead myths. Scrubbing your skin vigorously in an effort to scrape away blackheads will damage your skin severely. You will also run the risk of scarring your skin in the process.
Better is to use a gentle exfoliator about twice a day such as a yogurt mask. The lactic acid in the yogurt will gently eat away at the dead skin cells on your skin. Or you could try a bit stronger exfoliating scrub  about three times a week. However the goal would be then just to exfoliate, not exterminate.

Eating burgers leads to blackheads.

Unlike the other blackhead myths in this list, sadly this one is kind of true Junk food does cause blackheads and a healthy diet will definitely improve the quality of your skin. If you want to see what a healthy diet will do I would suggest you try it for 30 days and see how you feel!
Try starting by drinking a lot of water. Aim for 3L every day, eat a lot of fiber coming from fruit and veggies and eat only lean proteins such as chicken and turkey.
If you do these things I promise you will watch your skin start to glow!

Blackheads are caused by dirt in pores.

Another version of these blackhead myths is that blackheads are caused by dirty skin. This is not correct. Blackhead are black because the mixture of skin and oil once trapped in a pore starts to oxidize the longer it sits in a pore. As it oxidizes the color changes from a whitish yellow to dark black.
That’s how you can sometimes tell the age of a blackhead by looking at its color. The darker it is, the longer it has been sitting there!

The bottom line is that sticking to a daily cleansing routine and taking care of your health and body is the only surefire way to maintain perfect – and glowing skin. If you take care of yourself physically, your body will start to show it’s gratitude to the world.
However if you do have problems that seem to persist, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to see what they can do about your situation!

You can shrink your pores!

This is another one of those common blackhead myths. A lot of products out there nowadays claim that they can perfectly shrink your pores down to a size where they are virtually invisible. How much we wish this would be true, unfortunately it’s all baloney.
You might not know but there is no muscle in a pore and therefore it cannot contract or expand by muscular force alone. Pores simply function as holes for the removal of fluids and to house hair follicles.

There are however ways to reduce the visibility of pores and therefore the visibility of blackheads. For example, lemon juice may be used as an astringent to contract the skin tissue. Many blackhead products also contain astringents. However, the best way to reduce the visibility of pores is to keep them clean so that they are not stretched by trapped fluid.

More washing reduces blackheads!

However counter intuitive it may be, over-washing your skin does have a negative effect on the overall quality of it. Over-washing your skin can cause you to unwillingly and accidentally strip away too much of the already naturally occurring oil on your skin. Your skin does need this oil to remain supple and to some extent moisturized.

If we overwash and strip it away, your skin goes into overdrive as i tries to replenish the oil that has been swiped away. As a result your skin creates excess oil that end up clogging even more pores than you started out with. Something to avoid at-all-cost!

In short; learn to know what is a true and false with these blackhead myths. Some of them have merit, but most of them don’t!

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