5 Common Causes of Oily Skin

how to treat oily skin, common causes oily skin

Oily or Greasy skin is a very common problem. It can cause issues such as low self esteem and can even lead to more severe conditions like acne.

There are many things we use and do in our daily lives that can actually cause oily skin or make it worse. We have compiled a list of 5 common causes of oily skin and how to combat them:

Cosmetic Usage

Cosmetics can be great for covering oil and acne breakouts. However despite appearances, some beauty products such as foundations can actually make oily skin worse.

Liquid Foundations

These are the worst products you can use on an oily face. Applying liquid foundation prevents your skin from breathing leading to an over-production of sebum, causing oily skin and acne breakouts. To combat this, try a mousse-based foundation, or even better a powder foundation. These products are not as heavy, so as long as you remove your makeup before bed, they shouldn’t increase oil levels.

Alcohol and oil-based labels

Alcohol is a harsh chemical and products containing alcohol can have a negative effect on your skin. This can include the over-production of sebum leading to oily skin.

Oil-based products can also contribute to even oilier skin with over-use. The most commonly used beauty products containing oils are fragrances such as perfumes. If you want to avoid adding more oil to your already oily skin, these are best avoided.

Mineral Oils

Mineral oils may have been around for a long time, however they can be bad news for those with oily or greasy skin. They’re actually made from petroleum. They are a lightweight, odorless and inexpensive oil that is featured in a wide variety of beauty products such as creams, lotions, ointments, etc. The main purpose of mineral oils is actually to reduce water loss from the skin, so those with oily skin stay clear!

Environmental Factors

It’s not a surprise that living in a humid country can contribute to oily skin. However, you might also find those in a cold/dry environment also suffer due to over-compensation in their moisturising routine. The best way to combat this is to:

  • Stay on top of your face cleansing ritual.
  • Avoid harsh products.
  • Don’t forget to wash your face yet remember not to over wash it.


Unfortunately genetics plays a big role in skin conditions. So for example if your mother suffers from oily skin, you may have inherited the same condition from her. This is all caused by an excessive amount of the hormone dihydrotestosterone that triggers the sebaceous glands to produce sebum, leading to oily skin.

Greasy Hair

If you don’t look after your hair, you’re also not looking after your skin. Your hair sits on your face all day, everyday. So if it is greasy, the dirty oils from your hair are then transferred onto your face, making your face oily.

And if you have an oily face this in turn can make your hair greasy, particularly if you have a fringe or hair that falls onto the front of your face.


Your skin can overproduce oil in times of stress. When experiencing stress symptoms, the body products cortisol and androgen. These in turn trigger sebum production, resulting in an oily face.

In principle oily and greasy skin may seem relatively easy to address. For example by changing the products you use on your face and body. However, there are often other causes that we’re not able to control so easily, such as stress and genetics. Despite this, we can try and minimize the effects by using appropriate products and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


This post was written by Naomi Sanderson, Digital Marketing Executive at CLD

Best facial steamer

One of the first steps in your cleansing routine should be to steam your face. That’s why in the beginning of the year we reviewed several facials steamers to provide you with the best facial steamer review below. After our Panasonic facial steamer review we got a lot of emails asking for the full list of products that were included in the review. So next we decided to show you the best 7 as the others didn’t even make the cut.

Below is a nice overview of the best facial steamers according to the people here at BlackheadCentral.com.

Best facial steamer:

Panasonic EH-SA31VP Spa-Quality Facial Steamer

best facial steamer, best facial steamers, best facial steamer review, best facial steamers review, Panasonic EH-SA31VP Spa-Quality Facial Steamer, with Ultra-fine Steam to Moisturize and Cleanse, Compact Design and One-Touch Operation

As discussed in a previous post, the definite winner of our review is the Panasonic EH-SA31VP Spa-Quality Facial Steamer. At the push of a button this steamer generates a soothing wave of steam particles 4,000 times finer than ordinary steam to penetrate, moisturize and thoroughly cleanse your skin.

Use this best facial steamer as part of your daily skin care regimen to soften the skin for easier makeup application and better results. Use it at the end of the day for a gentle, effective facial sauna cleanse and makeup removal. As such this versatile beauty tool is also the ideal way to replenish the natural moisture in your skin and maintain a beautiful, natural-looking complexion.




  • Extremely fine mist
  • Sleek design
  • One-button does all


  • It’s expensive
  • No ways to return or replace
  • Need to use this with distilled water to avoid the steam vents from getting clogged up


Esthology Salon Facial Steamer with UV and Aromatherapy

best facial steamer, best facial steamers, best facial steamer review, best facial steamers review, Esthology Salon Facial Steamer with Ozone and Aromatherapy


This portable facial steamer is lightweight and economical, yet it’s loaded with professional functions and features. The steamer features two operating modes: steam only or steam with ozone.

The steam and UV- functions have their own on/off switches with lighted indicators. The funnel-shaped water inlet and rubber plug at the top of the unit makes this steamer easy to refill without drips or splashes. As such there is no need to remove the shatterproof acrylic water reservoir. The 22 ounce capacity reservoir is removable if you need to clean it.

This steamer is designed to be used with ordinary tap water and the automatic circuitry turns off the steamer if the water level drops too low. This is a feature only few can do in our best facial steamer list. Premium stainless-steel coil and 750 watts provide superb steam production. Secondly the curved, venture-shaped nozzle allows for even misting.

Also this facial machine houses a premium, long-life, germicidal ultraviolet bulb. This bulb outputs a disinfectant light that kills most micro-organisms. Because of these UV rays it sterilizes the steam as it passes through the unit.

The unit sits on 23″ diameter base with five smooth-rolling swivel casters and the height is adjustable from 35″ to 46″ (measured from the floor to the top of the steamer arm). Included is the complete steamer with stand and reservoir, grounded power cord (120 volt, 6 feet long) and instructions.



  • Can be used with ordinary tap water
  • Cost-effective
  • Sterile UV-production


  • More for professional use
  • Pretty bulky


 Conair Facial Sauna System with Timer

best facial steamer, best facial steamers, best facial steamer review, best facial steamers review, Conair Facial Sauna System with Timer


This unit can be used to steam open pores to provide a good cleanse. Simultaneously it steams open clogged nasal and sinus passages.

The versatility comes from two translucent, blue, plastic cones. The large cone is 6-3/4 inches wide and has a flared, open side to accommodate the face, chin, and neck.

The small cone is 3-1/2 inches wide, so steam is directed into the nose where it can be breathed in during allergy and cold season.

Operation of the steamer is simple. First use the included measuring tube to pour distilled water into the power base’s reservoir. Then twist on and lock into place either of the tubes. After that switch on the unit with the on/off button. Lastly simply wait about three minutes for the water to heat.

To make sure you don’t overdo it there’s a timer than can be set from 3 to 15 minutes. And for safety the unit automatically shuts off after 45 minutes.




  • Provides a deep-pore cleanse
  • Cheapest in our list
  • Has a timer function


  • Looks cheap and feels a little flimsy
  • Conair is known to make products with a varying degree in quality. You don’t quite know what you are getting!


Kealive Facial Steamer

best facial steamer, best facial steamers, best facial steamer review, best facial steamers review, Kealive Facial Steamer, Portable Face Steamer for Facial Treatment


Kealive facial steamer is designed with more power in mind. You will be surprised and happy with the amount of steam the machine produces. The Nano’s technology boasts the ability to produce hot steam in less than a minute, and steady, thick steams for 8-10 minutes at a time. The steam strong and wide enough to cover the entire face. Also it is equipped with a safety measure so it shuts off automatically when there is no water in the water supply tank. Remember to use distilled water with this device.

On a side note it’s funny to notice how closely the competition is watched in this particular space. For example take notice of how similar this facial steamer looks compared to other ones in our best facial steamer list. Notice the similarities with the Panasonic? Or with the Kinga or the Secura?



  • Cheap
  • Handy to carry along


  • Can’t be used with tap water
  • Knock-off from the Panasonic model


Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

best facial steamer, best facial steamers, best facial steamer review, best facial steamers review, Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

The Secura Nano Ionic Nanocare facial steamer generates superfine nano scale hot steam in seconds. As such this steam is easily absorbed through skin, and moisturizes the skin more quickly than conventional products. This facial steamer opens and unclogs your pores which enables you to remove dirt, oil and grime from your skin. Hence it can be used as an alternative to exfoliating scrubs and chemical peels. A user’s manual included. Also a 1-year warranty is included. Product Built to North American Electrical Standards; 120V 60Hz. Also remember to use distilled water with this facial steamer.

As this one is just a tad cheaper than the KINGA facial steamer, it is ranked one place higher in our best facial steamer list.


  • Cheap
  • Handy to carry along


  • Can’t be used with tap water
  • Knock-off from the Panasonic model


KINGA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

best facial steamer, best facial steamers, best facial steamer review, best facial steamers review

The KINGA Nano ionic facial steamer is our 6th best facial steamer in our review.

It utilizes an advanced yet highly miniaturized Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element. As a result it instantly vaporizes clean water and produces a visibly strong steam. Coupled to an internal fan, this results in ample, directed micro-fine steam that penetrates deep into all your skin layers. Keep in mind that a full tank will provide roughly 6-9 minutes worth of steam. Please remember to use distilled water to ensure you get the most out of your machine.

There is also a UV bulb within this machine that sterilizes the water.





  • UV bulb to sterilise the water
  • Cheap but doesn’t feel or look cheap


  • Cannot use tapwater with this device
  • No timer


ETTG Spa Home Facial Steamer

best facial steamer, best facial steamers, best facial steamer review, best facial steamers review, ETTG Spa Home Facial Steamer Sauna Pores with Timer and Extract Blackheads, Rejuvenate and Hydrate Your Skin for Youthful Complexion

This facial steamer at number 7 on our best facial steamer list is used on normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin types. Therefore it can make virtually any skin type look younger and healthier. The steamer has a cone to concentrate the mist on your face. As a result it stimulates blood circulation for a fine and rubicund complexion. The facial tool has two attachments; a gentle exfoliating brush and a sponge for applying moisturizer. It features a safe automatic shutoff and timer to customize length of facial or nasal treatment. Gently steam open clogged pores and rejuvenate your skin

I know this video is not featuring the ETTG, however the model featured in the video is extremely similar to this one.


  • You got this far in our list to read this! Just kidding, this steamer is good bang for your buck.
  • Comes with a gentle exfoliating brush and a sponge for applying moisturizer


  • Can’t use tap-water with this one either.


 Let us know how you feel about best facial cleanser list. We’d love to know in the comments below!

Professional blackhead removal

comedone extractor, professional blackhead removal

More often than not people are too scared to touch their own face or to even attempt to remove blackheads themselves. That is why people often search for professional blackhead removal. However it is unnecessary to be scared to try and remove blackheads yourself. The chance of you damaging your skin permanently or developing scars is incredibly small.

More often than not, squeezing blackheads or doing any kind of skin-treatment has more to do with using common sense rather than actual skill. Think about it. If you have to squeeze your skin so hard your eyes start to water, are you doing damage to your skin?

Unfortunately people who have a thicker skin (dermis) will more likely have the need to see professional help than others. However a lot can be done even before you need to seek professional blackhead removal. Below is an overview of the steps a professional takes to prevent blackheads.

Step 1: Eating right

professional blackhead removal, Preventing blackheads with diet

Lean and green!

Probably most of you would’ve thought I would have started with “setting up a routine” or “products that get rid of blackheads”.


By far the easiest thing you can do for you and your skin is eating right. And by eating right I mean eating nutritious foods. Leave out the simple carbs, leave out some dairy and go green and lean.
Two simple terms to live by. Lean and green. Lean meat protein and green leafy vegetables are THE staple to get a blackhead free skin.

Eating simple carbs triggers a response in your body that increases the insulin levels in your blood. Basically simple carbs are sugar. Your body looooves sugar. So much so that it wants to keep hold of every little grain it can get a hold of. Your body does this by upping the insulin levels in the blood. Insulin converts the sugar into fats, which are then stored in areas you never wanted it to be in in the first place.

Another thing insulin does is increase cell growth. As it is a type of growth hormone, insulin rapidly stimulates cell growth. As we all know, blackheads are caused by a buildup of oil and dead skin cells in the pores. What happens when skin cells all of a sudden decide to start growing? You guessed it, a lot of them die off and end up laying on your skin. Now if you don’t wash these away or scrub them away, they’ll start blocking pores in no times. Turning your skin into blackhead central in no-time.

Dairy has a similar effect.

The funny thing is that dairy has been genetically perfected by nature to be THE food source of choice for baby calves. Unfortunately very few of us are baby calves. As a result the hormones in the milk, meant to make the calves grow, end up in our system. A similar effect happens as described above. The hormones stimulate the cells in our body to divide, causing a build up of dead skin cells on our skin. As a result, if you don’t cleanse properly, you will need to seek professional blackhead removal in due time.


Step 2: Get your routine straight

toner against blackheads, professional blackhead removal

Another way to prevent having to reach out to professionals is to get your routine straight. Be firm with yourself and start a daily ritual. Make sure that before you go to bed your skin is absolutely spotless. Make sure all make up is completely washed off.

Not because make up causes blackheads, rather because make up left on the skin is indicative of skin patches that have not been thoroughly cleaned. As a result there could still be some dead skin cells lingering under the make up that could oh-so easily fall into a pore. Making you wake up with a zit the next morning.

So make sure all make up is washed off thoroughly.

Also use lukewarm water when you do this. Too warm water or too cold water could do some serious damage to your skin, especially if you have a sensitive skin type! The damage i am talking about is just that your skin would try to overproduce skin cells again as a reaction to the cold/hot water. As a result your chance of developing blackheads would increase dramatically. NOT what we want!

Steam it up!

In order to make things easier for you as you treat your skin you might want to steam your face first. You can either use a facial steamer which is used in professional blackhead removal, or then you could wrap a hot towel around your face for a similar, yet not as good, effect.


best facial steamer review, professional blackhead removal


The steam makes the skin looser and more susceptible to the treatment. This helps prevent any lasting damage to your skin and makes sure that extraction remains a pleasurable experience. It does NOT open pores as you might read on some websites. Contrary to popular belief, pores cannot open or close on demand. They aren’t muscles. They can however get more loose or constrict. Lemon juice for example is known to have astringents, which tend to have a closing effect on pores.

The steam helps you make it easier on yourself as you continue your routine. So I highly recommend you incorporate it in your ritual. Your skin’ll thank me :)!

After that that, it’s time for cleansing!

One of the favorite parts of any ritual is the cleansing.

There is a lot of confusion over what type of cleanser to use. However I’ll make it simple. If you have oily skin, use a BHA cleanser. If you have any other skin type, an AHA cleanser will be just the right type for you.

How can I tell if I have oily skin I hear you ask? Well.. If you look in the mirror on a normal day and your skin is glowing, you have oily skin. Also you’ll be very much aware of how much more acne- and blackhead prone you are.

best blackhead remover, professional blackhead removal


A BHA cleanser has as its active working ingredient salicylic acid. It’s an acid that is extracted from the common willow tree. It also just happens to be the active ingredient in the common aspirin. As a result you could trust the professionals and by this BHA cleanser, which is used in professional blackhead removal. Or you could try and make your own aspirin mask.

Aspirin mask recipe:

The recipe is stupidly easy. All you need are 5-7 aspirin pills that do not have a coating and some bottled water. Mix them in a bowl until you form a paste. If the paste is too thick, add water, if too thin, add a pill. Make sure though not to add more than 7 pills. If you have to, start a new batch just to be safe and throw the old one away.

Then let this paste sit on your skin for a few minutes before washing it off again with lukewarm water.

To aid in the cleansing you could be interested in using a cleanser AND a face cleansing brush such as this one.


Step 3: Get your squeeze on

Now comes the part you have been waiting for! In professional blackhead removal we usually use a plethora of tools but they really boil down to a blackhead extractor tool, or then a microdermabrasion kit.


best blackhead remover, professional blackhead removal


A comedo extraction tool, or blackhead extraction tool, looks like a scoop in my opinion. It has a lengthy handle, and at both ends a loop. This loop is used to extract blackheads. The way to do this is by first of all choosing the right tool for the job. If you have a monster of a blackhead on your chin, you’ll need a bigger loop!

So select the right sized loop for the right sized blackhead and place the loop over the blackhead. Then with a motion as you’d be scooping ice-cream, apply pressure to the side of the blackhead. Without too much effort the blackhead should come out.

This is now the part they try to scare you with in professional blackhead removal. However this is nothing to be scared of. Use common sense. If it hurts too much to squeeze out a blackhead, leave it be and let a professional take care of it. However if you are one of the lucky ones who can almost “scratch out” their blackheads, a tool as this can cause no harm.

Secondly professionals tend to use a microdermabrasion tool as well when visiting a dermatologist. This device benefits you in two ways.

First of all you’ll look 10 years younger. The diamond head rubs back and forth over your skin gently exfoliating it. At the same time there is a suction device that is sucking up the dead skin cell layer that comes off you. This prevents it from lingering on the skin and gives you a clean look.

Which brings us to benefit number two: No blackheads! As you exfoliate and suck the skin away immediately, there is no risk of pores getting clogged up. After microdermabrasion the dead skin cell layer is no longer present, which means the chances of you developing new blackheads are pretty much zero!

Step 4: Toner, toner, toner

professional blackhead removal

Just like a kid hates it when you put some iodine on a scratch, you won’t necessarily love using toners either. However this wonderful substance both eliminates bacteria and helps prevent zits. Any bacteria that might still be on your skin after the microdermabrasion or after the squeeze will be wiped away with toner. This disinfecting wonder potion is the last step in your routine.

When squeezing the blackheads using an extractor tool there is always the chance some of the gunk still ends up on your skin. Using a toner is the last step before you go to bed to make sure you wake up blemish free.

If after this you still need professional blackhead removal…

then the best place to turn to would be to visit your local dermatologist. If he/she is a good one they’ll assess your needs before recommending you an unnecessary expensive treatment. If you follow the steps I have listed above, chances are you’ll save out on the need to go visit one!

Best home microdermabrasion devices

By getting the best home microdermabrasion devices you’ll be able to have the same benefits as going to the dermatologist, but only at a fraction of the cost!
Microdermabrasion is nothing to be scared of. It’s a treatment method where you strip away the outer dead skin cells through exfoliation. This will give your skin a healthy glow and make you look 10 years younger. Now who wouldn’t want that?! Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re very well aware of what microdermabrasion is and how you’d love to try it at home.

Best home microdermabrasion devices top picks:

Best home microdermabrasion device #1: Kelley West Microderm360 Spa Grade, Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Kitbest home microdermabrasion, best home microdermabrasion devices, best home microdermabrasion device

This Kelley West Microderm360 Spa Grade, Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit is the top pick in our list. It offers a two-speed diamond-microdermabrasion for both the face and the body. The microdermabrasion diamond tip technology with deep vacuum suction peel and suck old skin away as you go along.
It helps diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines. It even helps skin tone appear more even. The swivel neck allows to get into those hard-to-reach areas such as the back of your thighs,  the shoulders and the backs of your arms.
The powerful coarse-surface tip for the body is great for use on the feet as well.


  • Two speed head-to-toe diamond microdermabrasion and exfoliation
  • Fine surface tip for face
  • Coarse surface tip for body
  • Swivel neck allows for 360 degrees of total body exfoliation
  • Portable with powerful exfoliation for visibly luminous complexion


  • Reports of leaving scratches on the face, so beware if you have sensitive skin

Best home microdermabrasion device #2: StarHealth Portable Digital Diamond Microdermabrasion Pen with Vacuum Massage Function

best home microdermabrasion, best home microdermabrasion devices, best home microdermabrasion device

This Diamond Dermabrasion pen makes use of a patented diamond dermabrasion tube to offer next level exfoliation. The different heads, which are inlaid with diamonds, rub back and forth along the skin. Once the dead skin layer is rubbed off, it is automatically sucked up into the pen. As a result this device offers a non-invasive, shallow dermabrasion. Your skin will look healthier and younger once you’re done.

This microdermabrasion devices will lighten wrinkles, help prevent acne and overall do wonders for your skin.


  • Interchangeable diamond heads, suited for any skin-type
  • You can use this anywhere on your body, from removing calluses to exfoliating.


  • Overuse can damage the skin

Best home microdermabrasion device #3: Kendal Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machinebest home microdermabrasion, best home microdermabrasion devices, best home microdermabrasion device

Then a more professional model. The Kendal HB-BM01 Diamond Microdermabrasion machine refines, rejuvenates and smoothens skin. It is a quality product with affordable price and a definite must-have for aestheticians, dermatologists, or other clinical professionals. It does the same thing as the pen above, however the quality is just ten times better. As the diamond heads rub and peel the skin, it’s automatically sucked up. Leaving nothing but younger skin behind.


  • Includes two handles and 9 diamond tips
  • It’s CE certified


  • This device is meant for professional use, so it is in a higher price-scale than the others listed. But if you want the best, this one definitely fits the bill.

Blackhead vacuum: Recommendations, servicing and care

A lot of people are on the lookout for a blackhead vacuum nowadays. They have grown in popularity since blackhead vacuums offer a softer approach than squeezing the skin. However many are still unaware of how to properly use one, what a good one looks like and how to properly take care of one.

Until now.

What is a blackhead vacuum?

blackhead vacuum, pore vacuum, best blackhead vacuum, best pore vacuum, best pore sucker, best blackhead sucker


It is a mechanical device that is used to apply pressure on your skin, through which the sebum from your pores gets sucked out. The suction the device provides is more friendly to your skin than squeezing blackheads using a blackhead extractor tool. The blackhead vacuum works best on people who have relatively shallow pores.

You can easily see if you belong to one of those people depending on how much effort you have to put on getting blackheads out using a blackhead extractor tool. If you feel you really need to squeeze your skin hard to get any of them out, chances are you have deep pores. However if you have had days when you could just scratch some blackheads out, a blackhead vacuum might be just the tool for you!

Blackhead vacuums, as mentioned above, work through suction. The device creates lower air pressure right under the nozzle causing your skin to get sucked in to the nozzle. You can compare it to holding the end of a vacuum cleaner to your cheek. They work surprisingly in similar ways.

Most of them have variable speed setting and nozzle heads that offer a wide range of blackheads to tackle.


How to use one:


The blackhead vacuum we will discuss below work in a similar fashion than the vac-pen discussed in the video above. The main thing to remember is to hold the suction device perpendicular to the skin over the clogged pores. Maintaining the suction is key. Be careful not to stay too long in one place as we don’t want to damage any underlaying bloodvessels (giving you an accidental hickey!)


Our top blackhead vacuum picks!


If you are in to Japanese precision technology, this Panasonic vacuum might just be the device for you!


blackhead vacuum, best blackhead extractor vacuum best blackhead remover

The good thing about this blackhead vacuum is that it comes with its own, sturdy charging station. On top of that it is waterproof. So no messing about with batteries AND you can take it with you into the shower.
The fact that you can use it in the shower has as an added bonus that at that point your skin will be wet. In addition you, most likely, will shower with warm water, meaning your skin is soft and your pores are open. Factor all these together and you have the perfect recipe for extraction success!

Plus as this is priced at 30$ that makes this blackhead vacuum one of the best ones out there price/quality wise.


  • This one gives you the best bang for your buck
  • No batteries necessary
  • It is waterproof


  • Might be too rough for people with sensitive skin



Next up is the Krasr Comedone Extractor Set.

blackhead vacuum, best blackhead vacuum, pore vacuum, best pore vacuum, Comedo Suction Microdermabrasion Diamond Machine Blackhead Removal Rechargeable Skin Peeling Machine By Krasr, Comedone Extractor Set White


This blackhead vacuum doubles as a microdermabrasion set you can use at home! It’s waterproof design allows you to skip no time between cleansing routines as you can use this one either in or straight after your shower. The interchangeable heads will allow you to not only suck out blackheads, but also to give yourself a quick exfoliation. Another bonus is that the suction in this device is adjustable. This means that people with sensitive skin can easily test this one out. At 39$ you won’t break bank fetching this device into your home as you get two functions in one.


  • Adjustable suction
  • Provides suction and exfoliation
  • It is waterproof


  • Overdoing it or working one area for too long could damage your skin



The ones NOT to buy

The Kulee portable vacuum.

Rarely have I seen a device this small, priced so cheaply deliver great results. I know size isn’t everything however for something as energy consuming as sucking out blackheads this is not what I expected.

Kuulee Portable Facial Pore Cleaner Blackhead Acne Remover Tools Kit Pore Extractor Tool- Face Cleaning Kit Accessory


It has one of the worst ratings in amazon for any blackhead vacuum I have come across. It just goes to show that if you want something that works, you shouldn’t be afraid to pay for quality. Priced at less than 10$ I would be surprised if this did any sucking at all. It was a surprise for me to see that this one was an amazon best seller.

That’s why I included it here so that you, my readers, would be aware to stay away from this product far and wide! There are better ways to spend 10$ 🙂



After you have used your blackhead vacuum, it’s of the utmost importance you clean the suction head thoroughly. Applying some rubbing alcohol to the head is not at all overkill. The main thing to keep in mind is that the suction cap makes contact with your skin constantly when using the device. As a result any left-over gunk or bacteria still attached to the suction head will get transferred to the to-be-treated skin.

In order to prevent our work and prevent acne/blackheads from popping up it is of the utmost importance we use clean tools. A clean face starts with clean tools, there is no other way of going about it.

Hopefully you are somewhat wiser now on what types of blackhead vacuum are out there and let us know in the comments below what your experiences have been so far!


Best facial cleansing brush: top 10 review

best facial cleansing brush review for oily skin

As much a we love a smooth clear skin, we need to make sure we use only the best products for the job. If you have oily skin, your skin quality is even more dependent on the right products. Using this guide to the best facial cleansing brush for oily skin, you’ve made the right step towards acne and blemish free skin!

Best facial cleansing brush for oily skin review:

Who says the best needs to cost the most? Our review winner in this review won them all simply because Pixnor makes facial cleansing brushes that are both affordable and long-lasting.

Pixnor facial cleansing brush and massager

best facial cleanser brush


People tend to stick to a very one-sided routine. Cleansing, toning, maybe some sunblock. However scrubbing is just as big a part in maintaining good skincare as washing your skin! The trick is to not overdo it. And when you do it, the aim is not to rip off your skin. That’s where these facial cleansing brushes come in. They are easy to use, offer gentle cleansing of the skin while mildly exfoliating at the same time. It’s like doing 2 tasks at once!

This Pixnor facial cleansing brush and massager is a great way for you to clean off makeup before you go to bed. It’s small and lightweight enough to easily fit into a travel-bag if you are staying overnight somewhere. It also comes with 7 interchangeable heads which each offer their own new addition to your routine. It comes with massaging heads and brush heads, depending on what you feel like or need! The Pixnor facial cleansing brush exfoliates and offers a deep pore cleanse as well. I suggest to use it with a BHA cleanser if you have oily skin for the maximum effect.

One of the heads is also a pummice head meaning that not only can you cleanse your face, you can treat your feet as well with the pummice stone!
To make sure you’re always using the cleanest brushes on your face, you might want to order the brush replacement pack.




  • Amazon #1 Best Seller, making this the best facial cleansing brush in our list!
  • Most cost-effective one in our review list
  • The 7 heads offer an excellent smoothing effect of the skin
  • Recommended for people with oily skin


  • It’s waterproof durable, not waterproof, meaning it can withstand splashing, but can’t be used in the shower
  • Brush heads appear to be low quality
  • Not as powerful as more expensive brushes

Essential Skin Solutions Microdermabrasion Exfoliator System

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Contrary to our best facial cleansing brush, this Essential Skin Solutions cleansing system actually is waterproof and thus can be used in the shower. It comes with a set of rotating brushes that will help you gently exfoliate. Using this with a cleanser is a great way of getting an extra edge on your evening skincare routine.

The kit also includes one hand-held cordless cleansing and massaging unit, a large exfoliating brush and even a pumice stone for smoothing out rough patches on your heels and feet. As it provides deep cleaning it means you’ll be less likely to have acne breakouts or blemishes. Also as it cleans the dirt from your skin rather than push it deeper, if you have deep laying acne, it’ll reduce the chances of scarring!

As it is waterproof I recommend grabbing the big massaging head and jumping in the shower to give yourself a full-body treatment that’ll leave you feeling silky smooth after!
You can get replacement brushes here.




  • #1 Amazon best seller
  • Not as cheap as our winner but still affordable at around $30 at most
  • Variety of brush heads for different tasks


  • You need to know how to operate this device as the instructions that come with the product are too vague
  • Use common sense when using this device: overusing it can dry out the skin!
  • Does not offer variable speeds and the speed it has is not as fast as others.

The fact that the speed is not variable or that it is not as fast as others is not necessarily a reason not to make it to our best facial cleansing brush list. Usually people tend to go for pretty rough treatments with their devices and as such tend to do more damage than good. Maybe the makers of the essential skin solutions kit saw this coming and decided to make the choice for their consumers? Who knows..


DDF Revolve Professional Micro-Polishing System

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The DDF Revolve Professional 500X is so high-quality, professional dermatologists use this in their practices. It delivers dermatologist-grade microdermabrasion along with deep cleansing to increase your skin’s radiance and improve the look of pores. However as it is high-quality it comes with a higher price tag than some of the other facial cleansing brushes reviewed in this review. That is why it is our #3 in the list.

As it is such a high-quality device, its deep cleansing power can make a big difference for those with acne prone skin. Because the system comes with DDF’s own special Micro Derma Crystals, your skin will have a polished glow.




  • Provides a deep-pore cleanse
  • Smooths and polishes
  • High-quality microdermabrasion
  • Recommended for people with oily skin and proven helpful with acne!


  • On the higher end of the price scale
  • Although it offers better microdermabrasion, the results aren’t noticeably better than the ones you get with cheaper models.


Proactiv+ Deep Cleansing Brush

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Procactive is a very well known name in the skincare industry. It’s known for its products that help teenagers (and adults!) with acne-prone skin.

In addition to making various cremes and ointments they have decided to come out with this Proactive facial cleansing brush. As Proactive’s competence lies with handling oily and acne-prone skin, so does this brush. This brush was specifically designed to help people get rid of acne once and for all. It gently cleanses with soft, tapered bristles to sweep away impurities without irritating your skin. This best facial cleansing brush offers continuous 360-degree rotation at two different speeds.
For best effect; use with a cleanser. It can be either Proactive’s own or then another such as Paula’s choice BHA exfoliant, especially if you have oily skin!



  • Two speeds for different cleansing needs
  • At the $40 mark it is one of the more affordable ones in our list
  • Thanks to the soft tapered bristles it works really well on sensitive skin
  • As the brushes are so soft you can use this more often than the recommended twice a week


  • It’s not the most powerful one in our list
  • People might not like the fact it is that soft
  • Water durable, not watertight, so don’t use it in the shower
  • You can’t use it to clean around your nose or eyes as the brush heads that come with it are too large


Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System

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Thanks to special technology in the massaging brushes, Clarisonic’s patented micro-massage motion cleanses six times better than with your hands alone.
The patented technology works in such a way that it works with the natural elasticity in your skin to provide a deeper cleanse few other devices can provide.

This best facial cleansing brush comes with an in-built timer making it possible for you to take complete control of your cleansing routine.

Unlike several other cleansing brushes thanks to the technology and the softness of the massaging heads you can actually use this massager up to twice a day!

Clarisonic recommends replacing brush heads every three months. They offer a two-pack of replacement heads specifically for sensitive skin.




  • Thanks to the patented technology it offers the best cleansing of all reviewed
  • Extremely long lasting
  • The in-built timer makes sure you can’t overscrub
  • Leaves skin smooth and soft


  • One of the most expensive cleansing brushes reviewed
  • If you have sensitive skin I might go with the Proactiv cleansing brush instead
  • In addition to the brush being expensive, so are the replacement brushes


Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Skincare System Brush

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Conair is known for making a variety of skincare products. From facial steamers to cleansing brushes, Conair offers cost-effective products for at-home use.

The sonic technology in their best facial cleansing brush makes it vibrate at about 300 times per second. Just as an electric toothbrush offers a deeper clean than a normal toothbrush, so does this facial cleansing brush. As you move the brush over your skin, thanks to the vibrations, the makeup and dirt that might be there will fall clean off.

With regular use you’ll start noticing a change in your skin quality within two weeks. Add to that the cost-effective price of this device and you have a winner.

Unfortunately Conair is known for not always providing consistent quality, which is why it comes in place number 6 in our review list.





  • One of the cheaper devices in our review
  • Vibrating is less damaging than rotating brushes, so this is excellent news for people with sensitive skin
  • Automatic timer alert
  • It is actually waterproof so make sure to take it with you in the shower


  • Conair is known for delivering inconsistent quality
  • The replacement heads are not the cheapest out there
  • Charging issues have been reported
  • The pads are a bit too large for scrubbing around your nose and eyes


Philips PureRadiance Skin Cleansing System

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Philips PureRadiance is the only cleansing system that has unique sonic technology with advanced dual motion. It is like the Conair one discussed above, however you have the rotation motion of the brush in the game as well, giving you a more effective cleanse.

As a downside you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it with this device as it can get quite rough. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to skip this one completely.

Due to the elaborate ways in which the device operates you get a real deep stimulation of the skin. As a result you’ll look more fresh and younger after use.




  • Deep tissue cleaning
  • It is waterproof so works excellent in the shower
  • Philips provides many specialty brush options you can buy
  • Due to the brush size it can easily clean the areas around your eyes and nose


  • Despite the sleek design, the charging station looks flimsy
  • In addition to the hefty price for the brush, also the replacement brushes don’t come cheap!


Soniclear Elite Antimicrobial Best Facial Cleansing Brush System

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The Soniclear Elite has a sleek design and by golly are you paying for it! This facial cleansing brush is the most expensive one we have reviewed.

However there is more than meets the eye. This facial cleansing brush is made from special materials that prevent any microbial build up in the brushes and make sure the brush doesn’t collect any dirt as it cleans.

In this way in addition to the cleaning properties of the brush, you can be sure the brush itself is always clean. This only helps in making sure your skin stays blemish free!




  • Anti-microbial material prevents any contamination further on
  • Excellent design
  • Three speed options, with a timer


  • The most expensive one in our list


LumaRx Best Facial Cleansing Brush

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The LumaRX facial cleansing brush delivers advanced cleansing to reveal your naturally beautiful skin.

The brush comes with 3 different brush attachments, one for either normal or sensitive skin and a third for massaging.

It’s easy on the hands and the long life battery allows for up to 30 uses on a single charge. Plus, it features a built in timer, so you won’t be having to guess whether you’ve used it too little or too much. That ensure you’ll get optimum results and radiant skin.


  • Top rated by users on Amazon, and thus making it to our best facial cleansing brush list
  • The small size makes it excellent for if you are on the go
  • Fits easily in your hand


  • Doesn’t feel as sturdy as others in the list
  • Even the sensitive skin brush may be too much for delicate skin
  • Long, soft bristles may not clean skin as well as others reviewed


Lilian Fache Spa-X Advanced Waterproof Facial & Body Cleansing Kit

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This advanced skin cleansing system includes a state-of-the-art microdermabrasion cleansing tool with four waterproof attachments. Together, they work to give you a full body pampering.

In just a few weeks you’ll begin to experience healthier, younger, and more vibrant looking skin. Using this cleansing and microdermabrasion tool helps reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and laugh lines and keeps your skin smooth, supple, and elastic.

It helps to repair damage from environmental toxins to free radicals. It even calms and smooths irritated skin to leave you glowing, relaxed and refreshed. And it stimulates collagen production for a more youthful looking complexion.




  • Rated 4.4 out of five stars by users
  • Great for your whole body as well as your face
  • Comes with multiple heads for callus removal and more
  • It is waterproof and suitable for use in the shower


  • Head rotation is slow compared to some
  • Saps batteries quickly
  • Somewhat flimsy
  • Face tool can be harsh on sensitive skin



Lighten acne scars: how-to guide!

lighten acne scars

One of the most common problems in skincare and people suffering from acne are acne scars. These scars can be quite visually distracting when meeting someone for the first time. Therefore it is not surprising a lot of people want to know how to lighten acne scars.

Lighten acne scars: How do they form?

To understand the root problem lets talk a bit more on how they form. Acne scars are most often caused by an infection of a pimple.

The pore in which the pimple resides is already under stress due to the buildup of skin debris and sebum in the pore. In addition to this if this gets infected then the follicle wall may break.

If this break happens near the skin’s surface, you’ll probably be alright and the skin will heal relatively quickly without too much concern. However the real trouble starts when the break happens deeper in the skin.

The infected material will in this case spill into the dermis and destroy healthy tissue.

Of course the skin has some mechanisms in place to recover from this. If the infected material does happen to kill healthy skin tissue then the skin will form new collagen fibers in an attempt to fill up what has gone.

Collagen is the fibrous protein that gives skin its strength and flexibility. Unfortunately its only job is to fix the damage, not make it look good. As a result you often see an uneven skin, hence the so-called acne scars.

Types of scars

When the body produces too much collagen, it will show as a raised mass of tissue on the skin’s surface. This is called hypertrophic, or keloid, scarring.

lighten acne scars


More commonly however, acne will cause so-called atrophic, or depressed, scars. Just as hypertrophic scarring was caused by a raising of the tissue, atrophic scarring (the opposite) is caused by a loss of tissue. These type of scars are also known as ice pick or boxcar scars.

lighten acne scars


The greatest measure to know whether or not you will form acne scars is the level of inflammation. The deeper the inflammation occurs and how violent the infection is will determine the length and breadth of the scarring. The deeper the breakout, the longer it will take for your skin to heal, increasing your chances of scarring.

Lastly one of the most common mistakes people make is mistaking post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) for acne scars. As the pimple is inflamed, the skin area around it will temporarily look reddish due to the inflammation. However this irritation and discoloration will eventually fade on its own. Retin-A may speed the fading time.

lighten acne scars

Example of PIH

Lighten acne scars: Scar prevention

As we previously discussed, the level of inflammation is the biggest gauge for the level of scarring you will have. Therefore reducing this inflammation will be your biggest key in reducing the level of scarring.

The way to do this is by controlling acne as soon as possible. As soon as you have a breakout or as soon as acne appears, go see a dermatologist. He or she will provide you with a cleaning routine that you must follow to the letter. Only that way will your acne be less, and thus also the scarring.

Also if you are prone to acne, don’t attempt to squeeze anything. Squeezing pimples might lead to you pushing the inflamed debris deeper into the skin. As a result your chances of scarring will increase drastically.

Don’t pick at scabs either. Scabs help the wound underneath heal better. If you pick at the scabs, you’ll only prolong the healing process which has an impact on your chances of scarring.

Lighten acne scars: At-home treatments

First of all PIH will be the most common cause for concern among you readers. Therefore I suggest buying a cortisone cream or lotion such as this one. These lotions will help reduce the redness and swelling. They are cheap and easy to use and if you don’t have one in your medicine cabinet yet, get one. They should be a staple just as band-aids.

Secondly you might want to focus on lightening any dark areas left from the acne scar as an at-home treatment method as well.

Look for skin lightener creams that have kojic acid as an active ingredient. Kojic acid is a natural ingredient that is extracted from certain types of mushroom. Kojic acid has been shown to produce skin lightening effects and can work great in lightening darker spots in the skin. It’s a better substitute for hydroquinone as it hyrdroquinone has been rumored to cause irritation and possibly cancer. This is a good option for a skin lightener with kojic acid.

Other good options for skin lighteners are Arbutin, aka bearberry extract, and vitamin C.

Vitamin E

In the word of Flava Flav: Don’t believe the hype! Putting Vitamin E on scars in the hopes of lightening them or curing them is just an urban legend. Studies have shown using vitamin E has no effect at all or even worse; it can cause a worsening of the inflammation. In 90% of cases where people used vitamin E for scar reduction it had no effect. In 33% of cases even people developed contact dermatitis, which is further inflammation of the skin. Referenced study.

Lightening acne scars: Medical treatment

If the above remedies do not offer any resolve to your acne scars, your next step is to go see a dermatologist. They will most likely provide you one of two options: either laser therapy or filler therapy.

In one to three sessions, depending on how severe your condition is, laser skin resurfacing using fractionated laser technology can even out the skin surface and increase and stimulate the formation of new collagen.

Ablative lasers vaporize your scar, allowing smoother skin to take its place. Non-ablative lasers help activate the production of collagen without damaging the surface of your skin.

Filler injections can help fill in the indentations left behind from deep acne scars, but the downside to fillers is that they need to be repeated every 4 to 6 months, as the product reabsorbs into the skin over time.

Patience when trying to lighten acne scars!

Unfortunately all these options require one thing above all: patience!
Usually a few weeks after you break out and scar, new blood vessels move into the injured area to give nourishment to the skin, which is why most early scars look pink.

Months later, collagen will start to form, filling in the injured section of skin and it should fade out.

Unfortunately in the case of cystic acne, the acne destroys skin and fat and it can take up to a year for the scars to fade.

In addition to seeking treatment it’s also important to stay out of the sun as much as possible as UV radiation causes the scars to darken and actually slows down the healing process. In the same way your body reacts to sunlight by producing a tan, in scar tissue this can lead to discoloration with your normal skintone, making scars even more prominent. So make sure to lather up the sunscreen when going outside!

Best blackhead remover product review

best blackhead remover

In order to find the best blackhead remover we first need to define how exactly we want to get rid of blackheads. Blackheads can be removed in a variety of ways. But generally speaking there are only 2 ways in which this can be done: mechanical and chemical.

Mechanical extraction

Comedo extractor

Perhaps the most commonly used blackhead remover product would be a comedo extractor.

best blackhead remover

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These comedo extractors work in such a way that they apply pressure around the “comedo”, which is just a fancy word for a blackhead or whitehead, upon which the gunk in the pores just pops out. The way to do this is to place the looped part of the extractor over the black- or whitehead, and with a scooping motion apply pressure. This will make sure the skin and oil mixture in the pore comes oozing out.

As you can see however there are a multitude of tools available. So the question begs: what tool do I use for which job? That is pretty easy to answer however. All tools are looped, just the loop varies in size. Just as all whiteheads or blackheads come in different sizes. Hence the right tool for the job has a loop size that is just big enough to fit over the blackhead or whitehead. These really are one of the best blackhead remover products out there!

For whiteheads however there is a second tool in play here which in the picture above is the third tool. This is the lancet tool. You see whiteheads form when gunk gets in your pores and your skin for some reason or another grows over this pore. The gunk gets trapped and a whitehead is formed.

Now in order to make extraction “easy”, the lancet tool is used to pierce the skin first. One the skin is pierced you won’t need to use all that much pressure to get the gunk out.

Facial steamer

best facial steamer review best blackhead remover

Before using a comedo extractor it is wise to use a facial steamer. Combined these products work together to become the best blackhead remover-combo out there. Steaming your face in a gentle fashion helps ease up your skin to receive treatment. It won’t open or cose pores as people tend to believe, it will rather make your skin softer so it’s easier to pull and squeeze.

In the back of these machines there is a canister for water. Obviously as this is a steamer the steam needs to come from somewhere right? This canister comes out the back and can easily be filled. However my advice to you would be to use de-mineralised water, as tap-water would just clog up the mistifier at the end. We’ve all had to de-calsify our coffee maker at some point. If you use normal water with the facial steamer you’ll have to do the same thing eventually to it as well.

Once the canister is filled and put back in place, simply wait for the steam to arise from the device and place yourself 2-3 inches away from the steam source. Simply take it in for a few minutes (3–5) and you’re good to go!

Even if you are not planning on getting a facial steamer, it is still good that before any skin treatment you do, you make effort to loosen up the skin. A more budget friendly option would be to wrap a hot, moist towel around your face for several minutes before you do any treatments.

Pore vacuum

best blackhead extractor vacuum best blackhead remover

Perhaps one of the most out-there ways on removing blackheads would be to use a blackhead extractor vacuum. This is still to my opinion one of the best blackhead remover products as it provides gentle suction of the skin, versus rough manipulation with the comedo extractors.

The way to use this is pretty simple. Most of these are water proof anyway so I suggest using the pore vacuum when you’re taking a shower. The shower in general will help ease up your skin already so no need for a steamer!

Once in the shower, turn on the device and place the suction head on your skin. Now comes the part most people get wrong. Once the device is sucking, you need to provide some counter-force to make sure the device doesn’t get sucked tight into your skin. You need to make sure the pore vacuum is constantly pulling your skin. So as you are moving the device across your face, pull back out with just enough force it would feel like someone would be pinching you in the cheeks.


Best blackhead remover: Chemical extraction

BHA exfoliant

best blackhead remover

Especially if you are suffering from oily skin, a bha exfoliant will be the best blackhead remover product in your arsenal.

BHA exfoliants come in a variety of shapes and size but by far the best ones come from Paula’s Choice. BHA stands for beta-hydroxy-acid in case you were wondering. This might not mean that much to you but if you have oily skin, BHA is the way to go. The salicylic acid in this exfoliant (which is also the working ingredient in aspirin!) enters the pores during washing and provides a deep cleanse.

The slight acidity of this exfoliant results in gentle exfoliation of the skin. No need for rough scrubs or any other hard ways of removing dead skin. The acidity of this product is enough already. As it gently eats away at the dead skin cell layers, it leaves behind pristine skin. This isn’t a remover product per-se, more of a prevention method. However this can be counted as one of the best blackhead remover products since prevention is always better than reduction! This’ll make your skin seem young and healthy again, while at the same time it provides a deep pore cleanse. What more do you want :)?

Best blackhead remover homemade recipes:

Yogurt mask

Another way to provide a deep-pore cleanse using some home-grown remedies would be a yogurt mask. Just as the salycilic acid in the above cleanser eats away at the dead skin cell layers, so does a yogurt mask. The lactic acid in yogurt helps desolve dead skin cells so that when you wash the yogurt off, only fresh skin remains.

To do this you’ll need non-flavoured organic yogurt. Simply place the yogurt in a thin layer on your skin and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, with lukewarm water gently wash the yogurt off. You should be able to see results after a week of trying this mask, doing it twice a week.

Aspirin cleanse

Lastly if you don’t feel like splashing some cash then an aspirin cleanse could work for you! If you remember I mentioned above that in the BHA exfoliant that I provided, salycilic acid was the core-ingredient. This also happens to be the core ingredient in aspirin.

As a result it is possible to make an aspirin cleanse using simple aspirin tablets.

You’ll need 5-7 non-coated aspirin tablets and some water.

Simply mix 5 tablets into a bowl with a little bit of water. The goal here is to make a paste. If the paste is too runny, add some more aspirin tablets. If the paste is way too dry, add some more water. Please use bottled water when making the paste. Also make sure not to add more than 7 tablets. If you feel like you have to it might make more sense to just start over and make a new batch.

Then after exfoliating, simply place the paste on your skin, let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it off. Just like the BHA exfoliant above, this aspirin paste will provide some additional exfoliation next to its core task: deep pore cleansing.

I hope this overview has helped you with selecting the best blackhead remover. The options are plenty yet if you know what you’re doing, you’ll find what works for you fast enough!